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Short Synopsis: The JC De La Torre classic is back and better than ever. In 2005, Ancient Rising introduced the world to Dan Ryan, the hunt for Atlantis and the Greek Gods. Called by reviewers as "breathless, moving at a breakneck speed" and "fast moving adventure that fits into the Clive Cussler/Dan Brown mode," the novel has become a cult phenomenon that endures. The author is re-releasing this novel as a companion to the 3D audiobook experience that features award winning radio theater personality Joe Bevilacqua and has been listened to around the world on Sirius/XM. This new version of Ancient Rising offers a tighter, better paced story and a new foreword by the author giving intimate background on the genesis of the Rise of the Ancients saga. A must for sci-fi readers and action/adventure enthusiasts.

Book Details:
Printed version- 
Paperback, 340 pages, 5.0 x 8.0 in., Perfect-bound
ISBN-10: 0978527267
ISBN-13: 978-0-9785272-6-6
Paperback Suggested Retail Price: $9.95 BUY NOW AT AMAZON
Copyright Year: © 2011 DLT Atlantis Publishing
Original Copyright Year: © 2006 Luna Brillante Publishing
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All formats available including Kindle, IPhone
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