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DLT Atlantis rose from the ashes of the failed publishing company, Luna Brillante Publishing. LBP was ambitious, wanting to publish books as a print-on-demand publisher and discover young new talent. Unfortunately, the cost of doing business got the better of the company and it closed its doors in 2007.

From the lessons learned, DLT Atlantis Publishing is an attempt to get back to the roots of what we wanted to achieve. It exists primarily to distribute and promote the books of JC and Rita De La Torre.

However, recently we have branched out to include other authors under our umbrella. We only publish works from authors who move us and we have a connection with. Unfortunately, this means we're very selective in who we invite to join us - ensuring that we provide you the most unique and original content.

While ranging from Horror, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Children's books and Young Adult works - we believe that DLT Atlantis Publishing crosses genres and provides a little something for everyone.




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